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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 15, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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now, that is legitimately fascinating. it was ten years ago this week that republicans and conservatives led the charge, and led a lot of democrats to go along with them to invading iraq. because they argued, you know, wmd, smoking gun mushroom cloud, whatever, let's just go to war. but now, ten years later at cpac, conservatives asks each other, asking themselves whether we as a country might be going to war too much. them asking themselves that question is really interesting for our national politics around war and peace. as they become increasingly dislocated from standard republican and partisan axes on those subjects. are we fighting too many american wars? what are the conservatives going to say about that? a panel today was moderated by republican congressman steve king of iowa. yes, that steve king. but the real star of the discussion was republican congressman louie gohmert of texas. and this was his contribution to the question of do we fight too many wars. >> one of the things that we
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have heard over and over again since vietnam is, you know, well, we don't want to get in another unwinnable war like vietnam. i'm not going to debate the merits of whether we should or should not have gone to vietnam. but what i will tell you is, vietnam was winnable but people in washington decided we would not win it! folks, when you hear people talk about the lesson of vietnam, it ought to be this. you don't send american men or women to harm's way unless you are going to give them the authority and what they need to win and then bring them home. that's the lesson of vietnam. >> let us praise the brave conservatives who are willing to ask the question. willing to ask the question of each other whether america is fighting too many wars. let us also be cognizant while we praise them, among the applause lines when conservatives ask this question is when people answer that the only problem with the vietnam
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war is that it wasn't long enough, that seems like a reasonable answer to the question. see, this is why i love cpac. i already cannot wait for day two. good friday morning. right now on "first look." a senate-sized battle between dianne feinstein and ted cruz. president obama pushes for a compromise on his third trip to the hill. while dealing with israel and the nuclear program. the passengers of "the dream." and explosive testimony in the ohio teen rape case. a health update for coffee and tea drinkers. and chelsea clinton may have a new $10 million place to call home. good morning. senators are preparing to work through the weekend this morning after failing to pass a temporary spending plan for the rest of this fiscal year. lawmakers have until march 27th
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to avoid a government shutdown. danielle lee is on capitol hill with more on washington's budget battle. >> lawmakers have until march 27th for that temporary budget. but they'd like to get it done by next week, in time for their spring break. the debate over next year's budget is already underway. in meetings this week, president obama talked of compromise. but here on the senate floor, the real test. senators stalled progress in a temporary budget by loading it with so many amendments, democratic leader harry reid feared it wouldn't pass. >> i'm disappointed in a number of my democrats. and a number of republicans. >> reporter: now, senators will work through the weekend, in hopes of sending a budget to the house early next week. just in time for congress to make its two-week spring break. >> come monday, we need to move this bill. >> reporter: lawmakers are
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debating next year's budget. president obama wants a big deal that addresses the long-term deficit. he is hoping sitdowns put lawmakers in a better mood to compromise. >> i think we've had good conversations. but ultimately, it's a matter of the house and the senate, both caucuses, getting together and everybody being willing to compromise. >> reporter: republicans have proposed signatu proposed significant cuts to -- they put responsibility back on the president. >> his job is to deliver the members of his party. >> reporter: now, lawmakers appear no closer to a deal. but more optimistic about compromise. president obama is traveling to illinois. he'll be focusing on another of his big priorities, alternative energy. >> thank you. the debate over gun control
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get -- continues on capitol hill. a fiery exchange happened thursday between california senator dianne feinstein and ted cruz, during the senate. that was enough for feinstein to lash out at the two-party freshman. >> would you consider it constitutional for congress to specify that the first amendment should apply only to the following books. and should not apply to the books that congress has deemed outside of the protection of the bill of rights? >> let me make a couple of points in response. one, i'm not a sixth grader. senator, i've been on this committee for 20 years. i was a mayor for nine years. it's fine you want to lecture me on the constitution. i appreciate it. just know i've been here for a long time. i've passed on a number of bills. i studied the constitution myself.
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i'm reasonably well-educated. and i thank you for the lecture. >> the bill eventually cleared the committee on a party line 10-8 vote. it heads to the full senate where it's likely to be defeated. president obama says the u.s. will not wait for iran to develop a nuclear weapon before acting. the renewed comments from the president come as iran releases this video of a purported missile launch. iran has been the subject of harsh economic sanctions. but the actions have not prompted military intervention. >> now, we think that it would take over a year or so for iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon. but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close. and what we're going to be doing is to continue to engage internationally with iran. understanding that we've set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> the president heads to israel next week where officials there have repeatedly called on the
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white house to establish a clear line that iran cannot cross if it wants to avoid war. a powerful u.s. senator is the subject of a federal investigation. this morning's "washington post" is reporting that a jury is looking into actions about mendez. he is come under scrutiny in advocating for the business interests of a wealthy donor. "the post" reports that he intervened in a report contract with the dominican republic. and speaking of ports, deja vu for carnival passengers. they are being flown back to the u.s. after a power problem. following a diesel generator problem, the ship did not lose power. but some passengers are saying there were interrupting of elevator service. a fire crippled another carnival ship, leaving 4,400
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people floating at sea for 5 days. here's your first look at this morning's scrambled politics. rand paul made a splash at the conservative political action con fence, saying big changes are needed for the republican party. >> the gop of old has grown steal and moss-covered. i don't think we need to name any names, do we? >> paul begala, liberal democratic strategist, was at cpac, saying he hoped that hillary clinton would run for president. a heckler said that hillary should get a face-lift. he's not a republican society lady. she's a real woman. >> rob portman says he supports same-sex marriage after his son
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told his parents he was gay. in president obama's meeting with republican senators, he talked about giving congress information on drone strikes. he compared his administration to his predecessors and said, this is not dick cheney we're talking about. and interview with israeli tv, president obama said many issues were discussed, including a question of living inside the bubble of secret service and media. he admitted that sometimes he'd like to be able to escape all of that. >> sometimes i have this fantasy i can put on a disguise and wear a make mustache and wander through tel aviv and go to a bar. >> and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." turning to the weather. dillon dryer's here with the forecast. even with a fake mustache, the president would not go unrecognized. >> i don't think so. as soon as he starts talking or singing. >> he's stuck in the bubble for life. >> we're going to see, actually,
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some wintry weather move into parts of the great lakes region. it's going to try to move eastward this weekend. but i don't think we're going to see a whole lot of snowfall. it's getting too warm for that. we have heavier snow across the upper peninsula of michigan. we have snow across north dakota. a closer look shows you that it's not all that widespread. it extends from north dakota through eastern minnesota. this is going to push into wisconsin. that's the area where we're going to see most of the accumulating snow. we do have winter weather advisories posted until tomorrow morning in the early morning on saturday. this area where it's just a brighter white here, right through minneapolis and into western wisconsin, that's where we could end up with about three to six inches of snowfall. this is a very fast-moving system. it's going to be in the mid-atlantic region by saturday. but it will race to the south. in southern new england, we won't see a lot of
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precipitation. and in the new york city area, the snowflakes with the rain drops. a messy, cold day there. >> thanks, dylan. coming up, the head of the flight attendants union fights back against knives on airplanes. chris christie angers black leaders with comments. plus, meet the 15-year-old who is over seven feet tall. his feet are bigger than shaq's. and he's still growing. i've been coloring liz's hair for years. but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? the new root touch-up by nice'n easy
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welcome back. here's stories making news this morning. during the tearing on capitol hill, the head of the tsa said small knives do not pose a threat. but unions representing fight attendants demanded the tsa drop the idea. >> any way you slice it, a knife like this is a weapon. and it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> the policy change goes into effect april 25th. women's rights denied. egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood is warning against a
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u.n. declaration giving rights to women. among their reasons, it gives women a right to file legal complaints against their husband accusing them of rape. the second day of evidence at the ohio trial where two football stars are accused of rape. witnesses with phone providers had messages where they described the victim as, quote, dead. the lawyers say the girl consented to sex. while prosecutors argue she was too drunk. the lapd has agreed to pay $40,000 in a case of mistaken identity. police shot up a truck last month during the manhunt for christopher dorner, thinking he was inside when he was not. and chris christie is being asked to apologize after what some are calling a racially-charged remark. he accused shealy oliver of blocking a bill on education. but he preferred to her as the african-american female speaker of the assembly. a new study in japan finds
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drinking coffee or green tea may lower the risk of having a stroke. and both could offer a benefit. researchers believe chemicals contained in beverages help keep blood clots from forming. today, the s&p is looking to set its own record after its second-highest close on thursday. economic data has been the driver. and the numbers have some economists upping their forecast to 3%. that's a far cry from 2012's fourth-quarter growth of 0.1%. bank stocks will be in focus after the fed's late-day ruling on capital plans. bank of america rose after getting a thumbs up. but jpmorgan and goldman sachs fell. facebook is rolling out hash tags in the future. the piggyback would allow
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facebook to dip into ad territory. samsung unveiled their smartphone on thursday night. boasting a larger screen and sharper images. a surprising space industry study revealed that the unmanned aircraft business will create 70,000 jobs once its in the u.s. national air space system in 2015. the irs says it has $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds from 2009, that are about to expire. the money is owed to about 1 million people who have until april 15th to file a return. and chelsea clinton and her husband are about to move into a new home. the posh manhattan pad in north of madison square park is 5,000 square feet. 4 bedrooms and 6 1/2 baths. that's a palace in new york city. and it's all for a cool 10.5 million bucks. bill clinton hits the scene.
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two, big political stories getting buzz this morning. here to discuss them, we have jonathan kapar. one of the most prominent conservative republicans out there, rob portman, is reserving
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his position on gay marriage because of his gay son. how big a deal is this? and will other conservatives follow his lead? >> this is a huge deal. senator portman once supported a constitutional amendment rejecting same-sex marriage. he was in favor of the so-called defense of marriage act. and it appears that his evolution is just like that of millions of americans who deal with this issue. the fact that this is coming in the middle of the conservative political action conference here in washington and just a week and a half away from supreme court arguments on whether to overturn doma and the california ban on same-sex marriage, this should have some kind of impact, particularly on republicans and conservatives, whether it has any impact on the supreme court, that's a whole other question. >> okay. and the other story that we're talking about this morning is the verbal battle between ted
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cruz and california veteran dianne feinstein over guns. is cruz trying to establish himself by challenging a top democrat? it seems he might be getting a reputation of being arrogant and tough to deal with. >> senator cruz is establishing himself as a first-class pain in the butt. senator feinstein isn't the first to lash out at the texas freshman. last month, senator john mccain, republican from arizona, and bob nelson, the democrat from florida, slammed cruz for questioning chuck hagel's patriotism in the defense secretary's confirmation hearing. and "the post" and politico have reported on widespread bipartisan agreement that ted cruz is a bit big in his britches for a freshman in the senate. >> there's nothing that both sides can agree on. thanks so much for your time, jonathan. we appreciate it. here's other news going on. we start in louisiana, where a pipeline fire that began tuesday continued to burn last night. the u.s. coast guard says the
2:23 am
barge is carrying roughly 92,000 gallons of oil. authorities are waiting for the fire to burn itself out. utah, a drunk drive plowed through a home depot parking lot, taking down several sheds and cars with him. he admitted to drinking quite a bit of whisky before the accident. in florida, a man dressed in women's clothing walked into a bank, demanding the teller fill his purse with cash. police think he may have dressed in women's clothing so that he wouldn't be remembered. that's quite a standout. with no mask, they don't think he'll get far. a small michigan town is standing behind one of its supersized treasures. 15-year-old brock brown was born with a form of gigantism. standing at 7'5", and with feet bigger than shaq's. brock continues to grow, the gentle giant is embracing his height as a virtue. turning to sports.
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thrills in college basketball convention tournaments as teams battle for bids. in the big east, number 19 syracuse went down to the wire. was able to knock off pittsburgh. 62-59. the orange advance to the semifinals tonight. they'll face number five georgetown, which dominated cincinnati. the hoyas have won 25 games and lost only 5. after louisville won its big east game, former president president clinton went to the team's locker room to congratulate the nation's fourth-ranked team. they play notre dame in the semifinals tonight. the big ten tournament, a preview of the march madness to come, as illinois edged minnesota, 51-49. illinois faces indiana. at the world baseball classic, jose reyes drove in the final run as they defeated team usa. the americans get one last chance to advance in today's game against puerto rico.
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and basketball and baseball coach jack kern has died at age 82. at 55 years in new york city, he taught generations of players while winning 2,600 games. 900 in basketball and 1,100 in baseball. another look at the weather. dylan dreyer is back. good morning again. >> good morning. we're talking about the cold. you know, it's going to be nice once temperatures warm up around here. unfortunately, looking into the long-term, it doesn't look like that's going to show up soon. we're in the 20s right now in boston. it's also cold all the way into georgia and northern florida, where frost advisories were posted last night. we're going to rebound up to 71 in atlanta. 41, new york city. lighter snowshowers in minneapolis. inches of snow possible. it should be rain in the chicago area. this is not a very cold system. by the time it makes its way to the northeast, new york city will see a wintry mix, as the
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it might take sleight of hand for burt wonderstone to have a magical box office weekend. the comedy has star power. but according to fandango's